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The goal of College Sport Link, LLC (CSL) is to connect parents and student-athletes to aid in the college search process.  CSL hopes to provide support via knowledge and experience that will allow your student-athlete to find a college or university in which he/she will succeed both academically and athletically. Through a collaborative effort with parents, CSL will get to know your student-athlete as an athlete and a person.  This process will lay the ground work for achieving the ultimate goal; finding a college or university where your student-athlete will thrive academically and achieve success through the continuation of athletic competition.  

Though the desire of your student-athlete may be collegiate athletic competition, CSL values the importance of academics and will work to make connections that afford student-athletes the opportunity to pursue academic endeavors as well.  You as a parent want your child to succeed in life and to develop into a well rounded individual.  Choosing a college is part of this process and CSL is equipped with the tools to guide you and your student-athlete along the way.  There are many wonderful experiences that accompany being a student-athlete.  We at CSL desire to help you discover those opportunities so that your student-athlete can make the right choice.